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University of California, Berkeley

B.A in Computer Science

AUG 2019 - DEC 2021

The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Data Structures, Designing Information Devices and Systems
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Gavilan College

A.S in Computer Programming |

A.A in Natural Science

AUG 2015 - AUG 2019

C++, Python, UNIX/Linux, Java, Assembly Language, Discrete Structures

Work Experience

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SumUp Analytics

Software Developer Intern

DEC 2019 - OCT 2020

  • Developed text analysis software for search results using Selenium and NumPy
  • Deployed the program as a RESTful API using Docker, Flask, and Nginx
  • Created a Chrome extension to utilize the API and display results within a webpage
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Software Developer Intern


  • Developed an app using React Native and Expo
  • Designed in a modular fashion that allowed the codebase to be reused for multiple applications
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Rush Order

Website Developer

JUL 2019 - JAN 2020

  • Optimized pages to be mobile responsive using Bootstrap and JQuery
  • Implemented a condensed hamburger menu for small, touchscreen devices
  • Reduced page load times by fixing inefficient JavaScript and removing unnecessary SQL calls
  • Used by over 50 international companies including Intel, Reebok, and North Face
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Sunlight Management

Assistant Manager

NOV 2017 - AUG 2019

  • Oversaw employees in carrying out tasks required of a successful real estate and insurance business
  • Ran life insurance illustrations with proprietary software
  • Created Excel spreadsheets summarizing key information
  • Regularly emailed representatives from insurance companies like Transamerica and Nationwide
  • Introduced software solutions like Syncthing to address pressing problems in the office


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System Administration

Self-hosted network services and web applications

Docker, Linux, Nginx, Apache

  • Self-hosts web applications and network services using multiple Linux servers
  • Deployed Nextcloud to sync files, calendar, and reminders between mobile and desktop devices
  • Utilized Docker to easily containerize and upgrade applications while using Nginx as a reverse proxy to serve each on its own subdomain
  • Uses Nginx to reverse proxy services and serve this website
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Chrome extension to extract keywords from search results

HTML, JavaScript, Docker, Python, Flask

  • Created a highly customizable extension which categorizes search results into different topics based on its contents
  • Currently supports the Cortical API and a custom Bing search scraper that classifies results using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)
  • With minimal setup, the LDA backend can be self-hosted on any machine using Docker
  • Supported search engines include Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Qwant
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Fund Indicators

Python application to find indicators of mutual fund performance

Python, Beautiful Soup, NumPy, qualitative analysis

  • Allows investors to easily find relationships between various attributes of mutual funds and previous performance
  • Designed to be extremely reliable and error-tolerant by using multiple data sources and caching requests
  • Based off the research detailed in Performance Indicators of Mutual Funds, this program uses NumPy to analyze results and calculate key values to make predictions


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Allium Hacks

Coding competition

Gilroy | 1st Place

  • Web application that allowed users to have real-time, collaborative conversations with an artificial intelligence implementation named Jade
  • WebSockets and Flask were used to create a seamless conversation with Jade
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Cybersecurity competition

San Jose | 3rd place

  • Worked in a mock scenario to upgrade the infrastructure of a company that had recently suffered a data breach
  • Implemented best security and operational practices while maintaining the specific company settings, software and data intact
Cal Hacks icon

Cal Hacks 6.0

World’s largest collegiate hackathon

UC Berkeley

  • Created AJA Messenger, an Android app which filters spam using machine learning
  • Collaborated with companies like Google and Facebook, utilizing their existing technologies to create our own mobile application
California Cyber Innovation Challenge logo

California Cyber Innovation Challenge

Cybersecurity competition

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

  • Collected and analyzed a combination of digital and physical evidence in order to stop a healthcare themed cyber plot
  • Utilized state-of-the-art forensive tools including Wireshark and Burp Suite to extract and collect digital evidence
  • Used a combination of technical, analytical and persuasive skills to "prove our case" to a panel of judges


Programming languages icon


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Rust
Software icon


  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • Linux
  • Apache
Web development icon

Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • SQL
Other skills icon


  • Browser extensions
  • LaTeX
  • Google Suite
  • Microsoft Office
  • Office management


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OCF | Rotaract | JPOG

Helping the community, one step at a time

  • OCF: Student organization dedicated to free computing for all UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff
  • Rotaract: Service club dedicated to humanitarian service, networking, building goodwill, and promoting peace in the world
  • JPOG: A free, weekly tutoring program teaching subjects including Spanish, piano, and computer programming
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Your data is yours alone

Defend against surveillance

  • Advises others in securing their online identities from nefarious actors
  • Strong proponent of freedom of speech as well as against online censorship
  • Supports open source projects and privacy-conscious services
Open source icon

Open Source Software



  • Donates to open-source projects on a monthly basis
  • Contributes to free and open-source software
  • Proponent of copy-left licenses such as GPL
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Amateur photographer

Lightroom, Photoshop, GIMP

  • Experienced with landscape and portrait photography
  • Takes picture using a Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR camera
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